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By Barbara Rinto As is my routine, I was watching the nightly PBS Newshour a few months ago. There was piece on the Rohingya from Myanmar who are now refugees in Bangladesh. Many are young, pregnant women who have subsequently given birth in Bangladesh. However, their babies’ births are not being registered because the country does not consider them Bangladeshis. … Read More

“Eating is an agricultural act” Wendell Berry, Barbara Kingsolver and the evolution of farming in the United States

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Wendell Berry, Barbara Kingsolver and the evolution of farming in the United States By Suzanne Wilson Crable Noonday, December 7, 2013 This paper, as I am sure like many of our papers, has changed drastically from my original idea.  And I had no idea of how drastically my life had really changed until I began working on the paper.  I … Read More

The Search for Meaning: When the Old Words Won’t Do

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When Barack Obama won the 2008 election, I remember Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View said on that program, that as a black woman, she finally felt like she could “finally put [her] bags down.” Of course this comment garnered her the usual faux outrage from the blowhards on right-wing radio and FoxNews. She attempted to clarify her words to … Read More

A Woman Walks into a Book

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Lisa Hogeland – October 2018 1. The Book Crawl Two years ago May, I set out on an adventure I called May is Reading Month.  School was over for the year, and I was behind hand in keeping up with the latest work in my field.  So I set to putting together lists and lists in my various fields of … Read More

Great Expectations, Not-So-Great Really

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Sandra J. Stork – April 1, 2017 Being a mother is something that I have desired for as long as I can remember. Nurturing came naturally to me. I grew up with four younger brothers and because of circumstances in our home life I often took care of them. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t a girly girl. I didn’t … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

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Lisa Hogeland – October 2016 Mother’s Day, as I’m sure many of you know because we all used to get the same email every year from someone insistently re-circulating Julia Ward Howe’s 1870 “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” was originally imagined to be a sort of Mothers-Against-War Day, rather than a holiday revolving around brunch.  The “Mother’s Day Proclamation” is an edited … Read More

Equity in Public Education: What Is It and What Does It Look Like?

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Elizabeth Holtzapple, Ph.D. – April 2016 In 2014 approximately 48.6 million young people were enrolled in public schools in the United States.   Public education accounts for 90 percent of kindergarten through grade 12 education in the US.  This percentage has been rising over the past decade.  But public education, most specifically urban public education, is labeled as a failing institution.  … Read More

Sighs & Sighs of Over-the-Rhine (OTR)

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Alice Skirtz – March 2003 Presentation of this paper included showing the 8 minute video “Signs & Sighs of Over-the-Rhine.” Some revile and rebuke it, others love and defend it, and still others seek commercial and financial reward from it. This paper comes from my nearly 35 years of social work experience based in OTR which began in the late … Read More