Generational Drift

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  A Paper for NoondayMarch 3, 2001 Generational Drift Presented at Noonday by A.K. Carey March 3 2001   In 1985, at age 76, my mother bought a computer, taught herself how to use it, and sat down to write a history of her family as seen through the lens of the Civil War and its aftermath.  She said she … Read More

Women’s Work: from Penelope to Pelosi

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     Delivered by  A.K. Carey at Noonday 2013   Women have always worked hard.  Until the beginning of this century, household tasks were brutally hard work.  They required physical stamina and intellectual initiative. They were also only marginally associated with gender. It is important to remember that until very recently most women and men performed the same occupational functions.  Until … Read More

Sherlock, Shoes, and Sausages: A summer Idyll

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Presented at Noonday by AK Carey 2003   This is a story of hubris and humility, of naivety and ingenuity, of optimism, courage, and stupidity, and of luck both good and bad. It is, in short the tale of a trip to England taken 30 years ago by me and my 4 children with very little money, no experience, and … Read More


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  Presented at Noonday by A.K. Carey  in 1997 This is a paper about the evolution of evolution as much as it is about Charles Darwin and his experiences on the Beagle. Let me begin by explaining what that means and how I came to be interested in a subject that seems so far from my field of literature. When … Read More