Alms, Shelton, & Reid: Not a Law Firm, Nor the Mob…

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Disclaimer for Noonday paper “Alms, Shelton, & Reid: Not a Law Firm, Nor the Mob…”   With this paper I make no claim to expertise in several bodies of knowledge it touches – history, political science, urban planning, historic preservation – some scholars in those disciplines are with Noonday this date. Instead I claim only to know something about housing … Read More

Sighs & Sighs of Over-the-Rhine (OTR)

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Alice Skirtz – March 2003 Presentation of this paper included showing the 8 minute video “Signs & Sighs of Over-the-Rhine.” Some revile and rebuke it, others love and defend it, and still others seek commercial and financial reward from it. This paper comes from my nearly 35 years of social work experience based in OTR which began in the late … Read More