Dessert Storm

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Presented on February 1, 2020 by Vanessa Freytag   There is a scene in Nora Ephron’s award winning Sleepless in Seattle in which Sam (Tom Hank’s character) has sought guidance from his friend Jay (Rob Reiner’s character) about getting back into dating after the death of Sam’s wife. Jay is trying to prepare Sam for the fact that dating in … Read More

Better Sex Through Socialism

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        “Better Sex Through Socialism” Noonday March 2, 2019 Andrea Tuttle Kornbluh           When I signed up for this talk, I thought, what do women need to think about now?   As a long-time women’s historian and a feminist, here are three things I am thinking   about right now—yet none of them … Read More

Generational Drift

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  A Paper for NoondayMarch 3, 2001 Generational Drift Presented at Noonday by A.K. Carey March 3 2001   In 1985, at age 76, my mother bought a computer, taught herself how to use it, and sat down to write a history of her family as seen through the lens of the Civil War and its aftermath.  She said she … Read More

Women’s Work: from Penelope to Pelosi

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     Delivered by  A.K. Carey at Noonday 2013   Women have always worked hard.  Until the beginning of this century, household tasks were brutally hard work.  They required physical stamina and intellectual initiative. They were also only marginally associated with gender. It is important to remember that until very recently most women and men performed the same occupational functions.  Until … Read More

“A sort of magic around us:”1 Sara and Gerald Murphy 1921-1934

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Delivered by A.K. Carey at Noonday December 2008   It all started in the early 1900’s in Cincinnati with a self made millionaire and his three daughters, who were, by all accounts,  the epitome of Gibson Girl beauty, grace and poise . This is especially the story of Sara, the eldest, who in the 20’s charmed and inspired the avant-guard … Read More

Sherlock, Shoes, and Sausages: A summer Idyll

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Presented at Noonday by AK Carey 2003   This is a story of hubris and humility, of naivety and ingenuity, of optimism, courage, and stupidity, and of luck both good and bad. It is, in short the tale of a trip to England taken 30 years ago by me and my 4 children with very little money, no experience, and … Read More


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Noonday April 6th, 2019 Leslie McNeill            The  “F” word is a noun:  FOOD. When I was growing up food was for comfort and community and only became a source of conflict when you refused to eat your lima beans.  Now, it seems that food is the source of anguish and explanation and defense of what you do or don’t … Read More

The Right Side of the Tracks

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  Nathaniel Hawthorn’s : THE SCARLET LETTER  was published; Los Angeles and San Francisco were incorporated as cities; LOHENGRIN premiered; President Taylordied, and Millard Fillmore  moved into the presidency… and a fifteen year old boy  stepped  off the boat from Liverpool onto the ground of New York City. Frederick Henry Harvey had about ten dollars in his pocket, ambition, a strong … Read More

A Ghost Story

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Georgine Getty Noonday April 6, 2019 When people ask me why I left the Homeless Coalition, the answer I give depends on who they are and why they want to know. I left it to work at a shelter for homeless families so normally I just say something about wanting to see success stories. Or I say I was getting … Read More


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  Presented at Noonday by A.K. Carey  in 1997 This is a paper about the evolution of evolution as much as it is about Charles Darwin and his experiences on the Beagle. Let me begin by explaining what that means and how I came to be interested in a subject that seems so far from my field of literature. When … Read More

Une Femme à Femmes A Woman to Women Simone de Beauvoir

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Paper Written by Mary Claybon Presented to Noonday June 4, 2011 Introduction I do not like to label myself a liberal or Democrat or a feminist, just someone who has not been satisfied to be told how to think. I am open-minded and more of a free spirit, always interested in philosophy and life and enjoy listening to how others … Read More

Alms, Shelton, & Reid: Not a Law Firm, Nor the Mob…

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Disclaimer for Noonday paper “Alms, Shelton, & Reid: Not a Law Firm, Nor the Mob…”   With this paper I make no claim to expertise in several bodies of knowledge it touches – history, political science, urban planning, historic preservation – some scholars in those disciplines are with Noonday this date. Instead I claim only to know something about housing … Read More


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By Barbara Rinto As is my routine, I was watching the nightly PBS Newshour a few months ago. There was piece on the Rohingya from Myanmar who are now refugees in Bangladesh. Many are young, pregnant women who have subsequently given birth in Bangladesh. However, their babies’ births are not being registered because the country does not consider them Bangladeshis. … Read More